Frequently Asked Questions

We want your recovery at Rocky Mountain Physcial Therapy to go smoothly, comfortably and be the best experience possible. Don't hestiate to give us a call if you have a question about your treatment, but check below for some common questions our patients ask.

Please bring the referral from your physician, any imaging or operative reports that you may have, and your insurance information.
You should wear loose fitting clothing that will easily expose the area that needs to be treated.
Colorado is a direct access state. You do not need a referral to come to physical therapy but your insurance plan may require that you get a referral from your physician if you want them to cover the cost of treatment.
For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the major insurance carriers that we are in network with. Please see the insurance section of our web page to see if your insurance is on that list. Ultimately it is your responsibility to know the coverages of your insurance policy and whether or not a certain provider is in network. If you have any concerns we do encourage you to contact your insurance directly to find the “in network” providers in your area.
All insurance policies are different and have different physical therapy benefits. Once again, it is your responsibility to know the coverages of your insurance policy. You can contact your insurance company directly and ask them what your benefits for “outpatient physical therapy” are. At the time of your first visit we will also contact your insurance company to check your benefits and do our best to help you keep track of the visits used.
There is no standard answer for this question. There are over 140 factors that affect healing times in the human body. Our main goal is to get you back on your feet again and enjoying your life again as quickly as possible without compromising the natural healing process.
Treatments typically last about an hour in the beginning. However, if you are recovering from an orthopedic surgery, the further you get into the recovery process the longer the visits may become due to increased exercises to strengthen the repaired body part to get you back to your normal daily activities.
Some of our therapists specialize in different areas. At the end of your initial evaluation the therapist may recommend that you see someone else that is more suited to your needs but for subsequent treatments we try to keep you with the same therapist and PT Tech. This builds a one on one relationship and establishes a continuity of care wherein your “team” knows your current abilities and limitations and is able to progress your treatment routine to maximize your recovery. Occasionally your therapist’s schedule may be full and we will give you the option to see a different therapist in order to avoid missing crucial treatments.
Absolutely, if you would like to change therapists we are more than happy to accommodate your request as long as the schedule permits. As a matter of fact there have been times that our therapists have recommended that the patient continue their treatment with one of our other therapists that have more experience with certain injuries. Your recovery is our main goal.
Typically we like to start therapy within 30 days of the referral date.
We are open Monday - Friday. We take our first patient at 8am and our last patient at 4pm on Monday –Thursday and at 2pm on Friday.